“We built you a video-on-demand platform.

You asked. We listened.

You’ve been looking for more ways to sell and monetize your content. You’re sick of having 20 different profiles on 20 different sites, and trying to keep everything organized. And you need a platform that supports you every step of your career, whether that’s helping you promote your content, or offering the best, most responsive customer support in the game.

That’s why we are launching an all new video-on-demand site, designed with you in mind, powered by the biggest adult network on earth. It’s seamlessly integrated with Pornhub, and you can use the profile you already have to get started.

Now you can sell your videos to our billions of visitors, all from the same platform you’re used to. You don’t need a new account, or any special info. You don’t need to code your own profile.

All you gotta do is set the Privacy Settings to “For sale” when you upload your next video. It’ll automatically go up for sale once the new platform is live and users can start purchasing your exclusive videos.

Anybody working in the industry today knows that there’s serious cash to be made in selling exclusive content to loyal fans. Your success is our success, so we built a platform that gives you an effortless way to make more money from the content you love to produce.

With our new platform, you’re 100% in control of all your content. Choose where it is (or isn’t) available with geoblocking. Remove your videos at any time or set them to free and then start making the ad revenue you are used to.

Models can sell exclusive videos from their Pornhub profile, as well as choose their pricing and even receive tips.

Most importantly, you will be able to set a price for your high-quality downloads. Instead of disabling downloads, monetize them! This will be set in your video manager once we launch the new platform.

Use your best free videos to promote your videos for sale. Massive views and popularity on Pornhub will bring more sales for downloads and your exclsuive videos for sale. The better you do on Pornhub, the bigger your fan base and the more money you will make on free and for sale videos.

– For videos to sell well, you gotta get specific. Keep your more general videos monetized on Pornhub for maximum visibility, then sell your more targeted videos. For example, fetish and other specific content performs the best on video-on-demand sites.

Post exclusive videos for sale, then move them to free after a few weeks. We will provide you with the tools to do this in the video manager.

Experiment with your video prices. Try offering a video for $5, $15, or $50, and see what your fans are willing to spend.


Here’s what else we’re adding after we launch in the following months:
Paid subscriptions. Get recurring payments from your most loyal fans for private content.

Custom clips. Your fans will be able to request exactly what they want you to do. Of course, it’s up to you what you choose to create or not.

Merch stores. Sell anything you want, from custom t-shirts to panties to homemade lasagna. No, seriously, anything you want – if it’s legal, you can sell it on your store.

Promotional tools. We’re creating a full suite of marketing tools to help you build your brand and attract more customers. This will include things like ways to drive free traffic to your for sale videos.

Tons more. Let us know exactly what features you want and need, and we’ll do our best to build them for you. This thing is for you, and we want it to be perfect.

P.S. – We’re giving you 85% payouts (that’s 100%, minus 15% processing fees) for the first three months after we launch. After that, you keep a full 65% of your revenue (80%, minus processing fees). We fully cover charge backs so there are no surprise fees or changes.”

Source: PornHub Model Blog

A Helpful Camgirls Take on It: 

Hey guys, it’s your resident cam girl here to give you some insight into this new program they are offering. First of all – little known fact about this is that the PornHub team (MindGeek team) did a ton of research before going through with their plan. It has been in the works for months, and was well thought out. Yes I know, we all hate PornHub, right? They host our pirated videos for fucks sake!

Hear me out: while PornHub does suck at addressing the pirating issue, and obviously not everyone on their support team cares, PornHub is just the platform enabling the pirates to have a place to post. The same shit happens over on YouTube but since it’s not adult content that actually has a selling point nobody fusses over it. Users sometimes buy content and then repost it on free sites, whether it’s for the ad rev (to make back their purchase price) or they’re just being “nice and giving back to the community” (YUCK) they are going to do it. It happens on plenty of platforms, watermark your videos and actively search your name online so that you can request the videos be taken down, it’s just part of the job.

Moving on – we all know PornHub has amazing traffic. They are globally ranked at number 32 right now and in the US ranked at 18. Their system is easy to use, tag oriented, and there is a market for every kind of model on PornHub. PornHub is ranked higher in traffic than any existing clip site or cam site. So while you are allowed to fucking hate Pornhub, you can’t deny they’re also doing something right. Implementing this clip selling feature (and the other proposed updates to come after it) is an amazing thing to do.

So why? I have no idea, my guess is FOSTA and SESTA has diminished the “meet and fuck this hot milf!” advertisements and now they’re looking for other ways to profit that don’t include advertisements. Advertisers tend to also be linked to pirates, so the fact that PornHub is seemingly moving in the direction of cutting a few ties with them is good – and will probably allow them to do more research on the advertisers they do actively work with.

Is it worth using? I’d say yes, the traffic alone is great. I am a person who utilizes PornHub’s free traffic as well since the site I cam on is a white label through them. (Streamate, you can sign up for Streamate here: CLICK ME) I find that the PornHub traffic I get over on Streamate is at least 1/5 of my paying traffic, so having the ability to utilize a system that is connected with my account to also sell videos is just a no-brainer. Especially with Streamate’s social media rules.

Who will this new service benefit most? Models who are already active on the platform and have a following from their free-only days will definitely be at an advantage, you can definitely jump in now but I would still suggest including free videos to help drive traffic to your page. Another great thing about PornHub is they accept pornography from men and women, so men will probably become a bit more prominent in clip sales after the clip service launches!

If you’re interested in signing up for PornHub’s model program and selling videos once they release the feature please sign up here if this article helped you at all: CLICK ME