When it comes to cam sites, there are so many differences. There is one thing that can be distinguished about a majority of the sites though, and that is whether they operate on “token values” and support public shows, or if they are “private based” where all of your money comes specifically from paying members which helps filter freeloaders.

There are benefits to both types of sites, token sites tend to draw in large crowds of spenders, and can help a model build a “cult following.”

Models who have managed to build cult followings across the more popular networks (MyFreeCams and Chaturbate) can make thousands or even tens of thousand dollars a month. I also find that models who work on token sites have more “freedom of expression.” These are the models who can make money doing shows that they enjoy doing (a common one would be painting naked, playing music naked, hobbies mixed with nudity basically) and they are not limited to doing explicit style cumshows constantly. The great thing about being a token site model who primarily does show countdowns (many of these sites have a private option but a lot of models disable them probably because of what I’m about to say) is that you are doing ONE SHOW a stream. This is much easier on you physically, especially your genitals which is a bonus. When you make money fucking yourself, what can I say? Shit happens. (Especially during anal, heh!) It all sounds great when you think of token sites: less sexual work, a community of followers, creative freedom, and the ability to really have more control over your shows… but they also have some negatives. Freeloaders run rampant on sites like MyFreeCams and Chaturbate because of the nature of the sites. The fact that these sites allow guests means that random people who have never paid can come in and view your show if it’s a countdown show. Chaturbate has a loophole, which is password shows (crazy ticket shows, they even have an app you can run for it to sell tickets and whatnot!) But if you are trying to improve your popularity and find new customers the best way to do this is by doing it for everyone, even the non-tippers. It can be borderline painful to watch your room count jump up just because you’re naked and only had a handful of contributors. In my personal opinion, that is the WORST part of camming on token sites. There are some other negatives, it takes months to really build a “fan base.” Years to build a “cult following.” You can check out the top rooms on MyFreeCams and Chaturbate and you’ll likely see models in the top who have been at it for years, who have regular customers that are there for every stream, etc. That isn’t instant. It is very hard to build a following on these sites, and finding consistent customers is even harder. You have to really be willing to put time into these sites with little or possibly no return for quite a while.

Private based sites now, let’s talk about them!

Private based sites have the benefit of no freeloaders because most of these sites encourage you to only engage in sexual acts in private chat (which is paid!) These sites are great for models who are not as social and don’t want to deal with a community or “cult of fans” or for people who simply prefer one-on-ones or small groups. There are of course down sides to these sites as well, they generally pay a much smaller percentage than token sites do because they provide a lot more paying traffic than tokens sites do. Token sites make the models do the work, the guests come to the site and the model entices them to spend, therefore they get more. On private sites, most people with an account are already spending, even if it’s small amounts. Most of them also offer referral programs for members so you can earn a higher percentage, which goes to show how much they’re really spending on traffic. Private sites also require a lot of sexual work, if you want to make a significant amount of money you’ll likely be doing back to back shows in one stream. This can be taxing on the body, especially the genitals if you do a lot of sexual shows.

So what works best for you?

That’s up to you to decide. You should definitely give both styles a shot and see what works best for you!

If you need an idea of where to start, head over to the Cam Site Directory!