Organic Growth of Social Media:

A major part of staying connected with your customers and attracting new ones within the adult industry is being active on social media. Many indie stars keep social media accounts to post updates on sales, when they’re planning to broadcast, and to keep up with the current news going on within the indie industry. When you aren’t gaining a lot of followers, it can seem like a waste of time to remain active on social media.


How do you organically grow your social media (and prevent it from becoming a waste of time?)

Utilize the tools that your social media platform provides you with, a majority of these sites allow you to use hashtags to draw attention to your posts. Utilizing these hashtags can help your account grow, as long as you’re using hashtags that aren’t banned. A great tip to create your ideal hashtag list would be to come up with some descriptors about yourself, and the kind of content you post, then look up those hashtags to make sure that they aren’t banned. Once you confirm this, you can add them to a note in your phone to copy and paste into all of your posts to simplify the difficulty in deciding which hashtags to use.

Share your social media on your work platforms, most cam sites and clip sites encourage you to share your social media with your followers so they can keep up to date when you broadcast or make new posts or upload things for sale. Although there are a few sites that don’t allow this, so make sure to check your sites Terms of Use.

Networking with other models and doing shout outs for one another can increase the traffic to your page, and possibly result in followers. Doing meet-ups with other models to film or cam together and loading your social media with tagged photos of each other can create a lot of buzz for your profile. Cross-networking is a very important part of being in the indie industry.

Brand yourself with your social media! A lot of models tend to use social media rather than running a site with an email list and updates, so if you are going to use your social media make sure it is branded as possible. Have links to all of your services, so when people search “your name” + “service they’re seeking” it will bring them back to your social media.

Use a social media tool like TweetDeck to engage your customers without the need for screen time, you can use TweetDeck to schedule tweets in advance so you can continue to advertise and utilize hashtags and remain active while taking some down time away from your social media account.

Reach out to your sites you work with, a lot of sites have a large social media following and are happy to do features or posts for models that work with them. Tag your sites in posts that are relevant to them and they may re-post your content so it comes across a bigger audience which will get you more views and exposure!