Domination and Blackmail, How to Protect Yourself

Blackmail domination is very popular, mostly due to the thrill of being “exposed.” That thrill can come from timewasters who enjoy getting exposed (for free) for being annoying and spamming you with photos or messages, some enjoy paying to exposed to your following: for having a small dick, for being ugly, for being a sissy, for liking men, for being a married man, etc. Some enjoy the idea of you having personal information about them and exposing them if they do not listen to you, whether they want you to expose them on your social media, expose them to their partner/family, etc. Usually these types are after some kind of risk of being outed because they enjoy the thrill of potentially being caught.

Don’t “Expose” or Blackmail for Free

A lot of models accidently make the mistake of “exposing” people for free on their platforms because they are exposing them for wasting their time/being annoying, and fail to realize that this is actually exactly what they want. When it comes to situations like these, it is best to actually block/ignore the person. Not giving them the attention they want in any form may even convince them to pay you for a service instead, and for these reasons it can be a great idea to add an “unblock fee” to your stores/profiles.

Offering Blackmail Can be Dangerous:

When it comes to blackmail, it can be a very dangerous topic. So dangerous that a lot of “veteran performers” won’t even consider offering it. Blackmail can lead to serious legal consequences, and in most cases there is no way for the legal system to identify if the blackmail was consensual, if it started consensual and then ended up being nonconsensual, or if it was entirely nonconsensual the entire time. Due to this, we highly suggest avoiding blackmail.

If you’ve heard the horror stories and would still like to offer blackmail as a service, it is always best to offer it in a non-specific fantasy scenario. For example: a video called “Blackmailing Daddy for Cash” already has loopholes in it that would help a legal case not hold up in court, the viewer obviously isn’t your “Daddy” and if the “blackmail” you’re offering is along the lines of “I know what you did” with absolutely no specifics it gets much harder for anything to be brought against you. You can even make it a totally unreal scenario like “I caught you sniffing my panties Daddy, and now you owe me.” In fact, I’m sure the viewer has never sniffed your panties, if they have you definitely didn’t catch them doing it, and once again they are not your dad.

Offering “Fantasy Blackmail” Can Keep you Safe:

Fantasy scenarios keep you safe from possible legal action, but if your heart is set on providing a real authentic blackmail service then you need to set some boundaries for yourself. Never under any circumstance should you ever expose someone with their REAL information. Do not contact their wife, do not contact their family, do not contact anyone who knows them. If you do chose to expose their images/videos on social media, crop or blur their face. Do not ever post their real contact information or identity, a good way to avoid this if you’re publicly exposing them is “look at what this LOSER did” rather than using their name. Some models are under the misconception that a “legal contract” can prevent them from facing consequences for consensual blackmail, in reality since this is a document that is not notarized and was not drafted by a lawyer/professional the odds of something like this standing up in a court of law are very slim.

This post written by me was originally featured on Webcam Startup: “Getting Started as an Internet Domme (Camming and Clips)”