Camming Aesthetics – Setting Up Your Room, Profile and More

We all know that when we’re on cam we want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, many cam girls invest in pretty lights and nice artwork to add style and beauty to their cam room. When you first get started camming, some girls don’t know where to start.


Setting Up The Camming Room

First of all, your cam setting can be your bedroom but from experience I recommend that it isn’t if it doesn’t have to be. Setting up a separate space for camming that is not your bedroom helps set the “work” mood. Sometimes camming from your bedroom can make you tired, since you sleep there. Some people (myself included) also have a bad habit of leaving half empty water bottles and old snack wrappers around the room, which if you move around a lot on cam can be noticed and not look very nice.


Setting Up Proper Lighting

Next is lighting. Make sure you have good forward lighting which is lighting up your face and body. Setting up an umbrella light somewhere behind your computer and webcam will help to illuminate the important parts that guys are looking at! Background lighting is also good. Many girls set up colored twinkling lights behind them that give the room a tint to it, and with the umbrella light shining on your face, it will make you stand out even more!


Avoid Clutter / Messy Areas

Make sure your cam space is not a mess! Avoid clutter, a cheap an easy way to do that is keep your sex toys in a plastic bin you can purchase at Walmart for a cheap $10, or a shoe rack will also do the trick! Remember another important thing, wherever you keep your sex toys DO NOT let them touch! Dildos that touch one another can corrode. Of course keep the furniture looking nice and not stained, if you do squirt shows use a towel!


Setting The Mood

Artwork can help express a cam girls style and interests! Hanging up posters, artwork, and other memorabilia can make your room express you! I highly suggest decorating and giving your room a touch of yourself, it will attract viewers with common interests as well!

Setting the mood is also important! Some girls like playing music, it acts as a good distraction for slow times and gives you an excuse to stay moving even if you’re just shaking your booty a little! Music can act as a conversation topic as well. Another good thing to set the mood could be lighting candles, which can make your room more relaxing.


Your Appearance

The only thing I can say about cam aesthetics in relation to your clothing is to make sure whatever you are wearing is easy to remove and will not mess up your hair or makeup. Unless of course, you want it to. Every girl wears different stuff ranging from t-shirts and undies to lingerie to…well, nothing. Stay comfortable and able to move around and strip down easily!


Makeup, Webcams and The Human Eye

The thing about makeup is it can look way different on cam. Doing your makeup “naturally” can make it look like you aren’t wearing any. Overdoing your makeup can sometimes make it look just right. Webcams and the human eye are very different things, and unless you’re streaming through a DSLR it’s likely that your skin tones will be off sometimes and shadows can cause things to look weird.

Things that would normally look bad in person can definitely pass on webcam, like overdoing the foundation and concealer because you’re breaking out from eating too much chocolate or something. If you’re feeling self conscious about your skin, over-do the shit out of it! It’ll barely be noticeable. You can also change your appearance using your webcam settings. I often add saturation to my stream because I’m not very tan and look washed out sometimes!


Your Camming Site Profile

This applies mostly to girls who use token sites like MyFreeCams or Chaturbate, which allow you to build your own profile in HTML. Having an up to date and aesthetically pleasing profile is important. Before some viewers even talk to you they will browse your profile to get an idea of what you’re like and if you might be interesting to them. Making sure you have a pretty profile that expresses yourself is important.

A little known gem that allows you to build free graphics is Canva and is very user friendly. It also works great for social media platforms as it allows you to build Twitter headers and blog posts.

*This post written by me was originally published on Webcam Startup: “Camming Aesthetics – Room, Profile, Appearance”


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