What is Financial Domination and how can I use it in shows or clips?

Financial Domination brings together all of the wonderful parts of regular Domination, but adds a price tag to it. A lot of cam models, clip creators, and PSO’s will find themselves incorporating financial domination into their services (sometimes even on accident!) because of the way our online industry is laid out. If you require a tribute or up front cash payment in order to converse with your customer, that is a form of FinDom. If you think about it, every type of Domination service you perform online will most likely be kind of Financial Domination. Why? You are withholding the service from the member until you receive payment for it. That in itself is a form of Financial Domination. You have the power to essentially control them and make them pay for your services.
To perform a Financial Domination live show, clip, or phone/text exchange: you should first find out what kind of show the customer is interested in. Some clients will want it to be all about the finances, you can ask questions like how much do you have in your bank account right now, you can request they tip you every time you snap your fingers or wink, you can request a payment at every x interval of time, regardless of what you do it will be about the money they are giving to you and how you express that the money is your fetish and it satisfies you as well as it satisfying them to give it to you (for whatever reason: because they don’t deserve it, because you are superior to them, because they should have to work for you, because all of their belongings are yours, etc) because you deserve it more than they do.

How to Perform Multi-Fetish FinDom Shows:

If the show is not only about the money, you will have to also have some general knowledge of fetishes and interests in FemDom to perform your show. A very common one for example is SPH (small penis humiliation) shows. If your client wants a SPH show with FinDom, you can try saying things like “your dick is so small you should have to pay a tiny dick tax” or “your credit card is bigger than your pathetic dick so let’s put that to use instead.” It is actually very fun to intertwine FinDom with other fetishes because not only does it increase your earnings from the show, but you can create fun games with it. If a foot fetishist also likes FinDom, you can play a game along the lines of every time you point your toes they tip, if someone likes FinDom and just wants to be humiliated in general you could tell them to tip every time you call them a loser (or any mean name, really.)

Staying True to the Roots of Financial Domination:

At the end of the day you can implement FinDom into your shows however you see fit, but try to remember the core aspect of financial domination which is: they worked hard for this money, this money satisfies you, and since they desire to please you, they should WANT to give you this money. Giving you money should bring them some form of satisfaction, whether it be mental, emotional, or even physical. Any customer who wants to participate in FinDom should not have to be manipulated or coerced into sending you money, unless manipulation or coercion are their fetishes, in which case that’s a little different but ultimately they’ll still want to send money to you they will want you to work harder for it.

This post written by me was originally posted on Webcam Startup: “Getting Started as an Internet Domme (Camming and Clips)”