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Camming Acronyms / Fetishes

Many cam girls are asked on a regular basis to cater to fetishes, some of which they may not even know about until they start camming. I had to personally learn the awkward and hard way when someone would ask me if I do (insert some strange acronym here) and I’d have to say, “um… what’s that?”

Usually that answer would ward off potential customers because obviously if you don’t know what their kink is then you don’t have experience in it. Don’t fret! Here is some information on some of the fetish acronyms you may be asked to do!


Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Small penis humiliation commonly referred to as SPH is the act of a cam girl being dominant and telling the man (generally in cam to cam sessions) that his penis is small. That seems kind of obvious but what do you do once you’ve said “yes, your dick is small” and laugh a little bit? Try to expand into the use of similes, or use comparison to make them feel bad. A good example would be “your dick is small and useless like a worm” or “my pinky is bigger than your dick!” Seems a little harsh, right? Good that’s what you’re looking for.

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Cum Eating Instruction (CEI)

Cum eating instruction or CEI is when the cam girl instructs the viewer on how to eat their cum. CEI is a very diverse kink to serve to because there are many different ways in which someone can consume their own cum, some prefer “self shots” where they aim it at their face and catch it in their mouths, some prefer “licking it up” and others prefer “drinking” it from cups or shot glasses. Generally before a session starts if you want a viewer to use an object you should make sure they have it at their disposal, and make sure that’s what they’re interested in doing. If you are new to it and unsure of what the viewer might be interested in, you can always ask them how they prefer to eat their cum.

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Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

Cock and ball torture or CBT is when the cam girl instructs the man on how to torture his member. Common torture methods which provide the pain without scarring or blood are using hot wax or rope. You can also use simple methods like slaps, pinches, punches, and pokes. This fetish can become borderline taboo because of the possibility of it becoming extreme, involving blood or permanent scarring self mutilation. Cam girls who partake in this should definitely be careful and only cater to the more intense needs of regular trusted customers.

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Jerk Off Instructions (JOI)

Jerk off instruction or JOI is when the cam girl provided instruction to the viewers on how to please their penis. This can include providing hand motion, playing a “game” where the cam girl does an action and the viewer does a corresponding action, or by simply talking them through what you’d like them to do. There are many ways to go about providing JOI to a viewer, and I have personally found it is one of the easiest fetishes to cater to as long as you know how a dick works.

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These Kinks and Fetishes Are Growing

So what the f*** is all of this? They are kinks. Kinks that are quickly growing in the porn and webcam industry. This year alone my requests for these services have tripled, and I expect them to grow even more in 2017. The once taboo subject of online domination is becoming more accepted among the webcam community which has allowed many men to have these more outlandish kinks catered to. While you do not have to participate in the catering of these kinks, it is good to stay informed about developments in the community by doing research and staying up to date! If you do chose to partake, of course do research also. Asking within the community and buying content from fellow models is a great way to research! Not to mention you can write off buying content from other models on your taxes since it is work related research!


*This post written by me was originally published to Webcam Startup: “Camming Fetishes: SPH, CEI, CBT, JOI, and How to do Them Right”